Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the store on 83rd Street in Stone Harbor your only location?
    Yes, we currently only have one location. The location of Back Bay Seafood is on 83rd and Third Avenue in Stone Harbor.
  2. How long have you owned Back Bay Seafood?
    Keith Meloni is the sole owner and operator of Back Bay Seafood. He has owned Back Bay since 2006.
  3. How can I get crab cakes in the off season?
    There are three ways to get crab cakes in the off season. First, Back Bay Seafood’s Crab Cakes can be purchased at McFarlan’s Market in Merchantville N.J. Second, you can ship our award winning crab cakes anywhere in the country. Third, if you live within a twenty mile area surrounding Philadelphia, you can contact Keith Meloni and arrange for the crab cakes to be delivered for a minimal fee. (At least a weeks notice for shipping or delivery orders. Information is under the shipping tab of the website)
  4. Does Back Bay Seafood provide catering for my special event?
    Yes, Back Bay Seafood has a full line of catering items for your next party or special event. We require 72 hours notice for all catering. (Catering menu available under catering tab of website)
  5. What is the correct way to order take out from Back Bay Seafood?
    Back Bay Seafood has a unique system for ordering take out. Basically, it is a reservation for take-out food and it allows us to provide you your food at its freshest. The way it works is you can call 609-368-2022 as soon as you know your entire dinner order. Once we take your order, you will tell us the time in which you would like to pick up the food. If that time is available, you got it, if it is not, we will get you as close to that time as possible. We schedule pick up times in five minute increments and it is first come first serve. It is very important to be on time for your pick up because Back Bay Seafood times your order to that exact time, meaning that your food is coming out of the oven at the time you are given. Since our location is very small, we have no way of holding the food. Additionally, if you are on time, you will never have a better take out experience as the food is literally taken out of the oven, placed in a pack out container and given directly to you. Remember, it is first come first serve regarding take out times, so get your order in early.
  6. If I want uncooked crab cakes, do I need to call in an order to reserve them?
    The answer really depends on how many and what size. If you only need a couple of the entrée size crab cakes, they are available anytime and most likely, we will have plenty of them however if you need a large quantity or you need the party size crab cakes (2.5 oz), then your best bet is to call ahead and reserve them. (Party size crab cakes require 24 hour notice as we do not scoop them unless we have an order)
  7. Are the crab cakes gluten free?
    No, the crab cakes are not gluten free. There is a very small amount of bread product in the crab cakes to bind them together. As many of you already know, the crab cakes are majority crab meat and the binding agents are unnoticeable but they are still there so we cannot classify our crab cakes as gluten free.
  8. Can I leave my order on your voice mail or can I order via email?
    No, all orders for take-out MUST be placed by calling 609-368-2022. We simply do not check our voicemails or emails every hour so if a message is left on either of them, there could be a chance we would not see it in time.
  9. Is your food “home-made” or is it purchased already prepared?
    Everything in our store is made from scratch!! We take great pride in purchasing our fish daily, breading our own seafood and chicken, slow cooking our own marinara sauce, and of course, hand scooping every single crab cake!! That is why you can taste the difference in our food verses our competitors. Yes, it takes much more time and additional staff, but food is a passion in our family and we take great pride in serving our customers the freshest, tastiest, home cooked meals.
  10. When do you open for the season and when do you close for the season?
    We normally open for the season on Easter Weekend. From Easter till the second week of June, we are open weekends only. Additionally, after Labor day, we are just open weekends but from the second week of June till Labor Day, we are open 7 days a week. We normally close for the season the second week of October.
  11. I purchased uncooked crab cakes but I forgot to grab the cooking instructions, how do you cook them?
    If for some reason you have frozen the crab cakes, you must defrost them first. From the fresh state, place crab cakes (with aluminum tin) on a cookie sheet and put into a 400 degree pre-heated oven. Cook crab cakes for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on the outside. Since all ovens cook differently, you should rotate the sheet pan after about 8-10 minutes so that the crab cakes will cook evenly.

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