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BACK BAY BOYSAs a small child, Back Bay owner Keith Meloni and his 2 sisters were exposed to Sunday dinners each week when the extended family gathered around the table and shared good food made by Grandmom Meloni. Through these meals
Keith was taught to connect with his Italian heritage and learned the meaning of family by sitting around the table enjoying his culture’s delicious family meals.

Little Keith was especially enamored with the way the meals were prepared, often times from scratch by his great Aunt Concietta. She took the time to show a four year old Keith how to make homemade ravioli and cavatelli while
the intoxicating scent of grand mom’s gravy wafted in the air.

Cuisine for Keith became a passion at an early age by watching these weekly Italian feasts come to life and by standing side by side in the kitchen with his mom, Mary Ann as she created delectable dinners every night of the week.

Keith’s lifelong dream to share his passion with the rest of the world has begun with his first solo business venture: Back Bay Seafood. It was serendipitous that Keith became the owner of this turnkey takeout place when it was in danger of vanishing with the former owner’s retirement. Having enjoyed his crab cakes for many years, Keith took a leap of faith and stepped in to take over and started on the path to his dream.

After taking a big chance, Keith purchased Back Bay before it was due to be closed and in just one season, breathed new life into this 7 Mile Island landmark. Using his extensive education in hotel and restaurant management combined with his flair for the culinary arts, Keith reinvented Back Bay.

The reputation Keith has built since his first summer in Stone Harbor is one of consistently scrumptious staples like Back Bay’s signature crab cake, which has since been recognized by such distinguished critics in the
Inquirer, Courier, Newark Star Ledger and Seven Mile Times having been heralded as the “Best Crab Cake of Any Jersey Shore”. These illustrious honors celebrate the philosophy of Back Bay: to serve phenomenal food, using
the freshest local ingredients and made with the same passion of that four year old boy rolling ravioli at his Grandmom’s kitchen table.

Keith continues to push Back Bay to newer and greater gastronomic heights by experimenting with his diverse and innovative culinary skills. He has preserved the integrity of the original award-winning signature crab cake
while intensifying the menu with flavorfully explosive additions.

The rebirth of Back Bay has continued to satisfy the summertime masses up and down the Jersey coast.

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